Deadly Southern Charm; a Lethal Ladies Mystery Anthology

Genilee’s and Sharon’s short story, “Who Killed Billy Joe” is featured along with thirteen other compelling mysteries selected by the Sister in Crime’s Central Virginia chapter for this book, which highlights female protagonists in southern settings. The authors are both seasoned published book authors and newer writers selected because their mysteries appeal and are well crafted with just the right amount of southern charm.

Relative Connections

Nine stories that explore the connections we make to other humans or animals who touch our lives. From the runaway bride who is rescued by a truck driver to the soldier whose life is saved by a dog or the bachelor who finds a baby in the water, these stories illustrate that we can never tell when we’ll find another being who becomes a relative.

Holiday Connections

final cover

Twelve stories based on celebrations we commemorate every year and how those celebrations bring together family, friends, lovers and sometimes strangers. From the little girl who believes she’ll die on Easter to the mail order bride who becomes a U.S. citizen in time for the Fourth of July to the pastor that brings together an entire community to save his church, these stores are designed to inspire and help us recognize the role holidays play in our lives.

The Fate Series: featuring Detective Sam Osborne

 Twist of Fate  

A wheelchair-bound heiress left alone in a mansion after both parents are killed in a questionable accident is rescued by a homeless man during a blinding snowstorm. The two work together with Sam to find out who is trying to kill her. Book One of The Fate Series.

Wretched Fateperf5.000x8.000.indd

A wealthy author of sexy, romantic books who lives a hermit’s life hires Sam to figure out who is stealing his valuable statues. Sam helps him through the difficult discovery of just how wretched life can be as well as how to recognize love that’s right under his nose. Book Two of The Fate Series.

Violet Fateviolet fate small

Detective Sam Osborne takes the case he always swore he’d never touch: the disappearance of a child. The case takes him into the mind of a killer, through his own dark thoughts on his past, into Amish country and into the path of love. Book Three of The Fate Series.

Treasured Fatetreasured fate

A woman loses the only home she’s ever known and ends up on the doorstep of a farmer who has advertised for a wife. The two become embroiled in a mystery that threatens her life and their growing affection for one another.  They hire Sam Osborne to help them figure out if the threat has anything to do with a treasure rumored to be hidden in the house she left behind. Book Four of The Fate Series.

Architect of Fate

Sam Osborne joins forces with a young police detective in a mystery that spans the state of Virginia: people with very different backgrounds disappearing from a variety of locales. As the two work together, they form a friendship that helps both of them through difficult times. Sam must face the dark period of his life when his own son disappeared. His new friend must let go of his professional ambition long enough to let his feelings grow for the fiery redhead mixed up in the case. Neither investigator can foresee the shocking end to this story. Book Five of The Fate Series.


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